The Matrix-Q Human Algorithm

The Human Algorithm Project

We start with the idea that from DNA perspective, life path or history, culture and learning process, every individual is a unique expression of the human species.

Once we have identified a set of wished challenges, as for the priority goals we have, as individuals, family, community, city, nation or organization, we do the best possible in ourselves to solve those challenges.

Maybe in the field of medicine, education, technology, sustainability, economy, quality of living, family. Challenges are faced and solved daily.


But is it there the right individual assigned for every task and challenge ?

Each individual develops along a history of learning events set of skills, strengths and discover as well challenges and weaknesses in own development.

Once we have identified the skills that are ready for being utilized, as for effective solution making/challenge solving, or effective tasks completion, then we can as well make a decision on the individual, the role and responsibilities that can be assigned.

The Matrix-Q Assessment Tools help us identify skills, knowledge, and ability to utilize tools designed to solve specific problems.


The result of this assessment gives to the customer information on the human capital value, the investment necessary for its maintenance, development, enhancement and protection.

The value of he human capital will vary according to the individual ability to learn and evolve.


The Matrix-Q Human Enhancement Program offers a series of trainings dedicated to help individual advance their own capacity, acquire skills, knowledge, and the ability to utilize tools and solve challenges, adding value to their profile.


Matrix-Q Know How help us study the human individual in its unique qualities. [ Matrix-Q Research Institute, Human Potential Studies ] We have learned that the skills of each individual can be represented by a geometrical and sonic pattern, which can be observed in their time line (evolution in time) changing according to how individuals evolve in their capacity to be more effective by applying their knowledge, skills and ability to utilize tools for solution making, tasks completion.

The set of skills and abilities of each individual can be as well represented by a series of cyphers, or encoded signature, which gives information on actual capacity, learning skills, and potential (goals for holistic training, development).


  • Assessment of individuals (CxO, Entrepreneurs, Leaders)
  • Assessment of organization
  • Human Enhancement Program (Training, Coaching, Skills Gap, Learning Skills)
  • Matching Tool: Human Capital & Responsibility Capacity.

Services are provided F2F Face to face, through consultancy, assessment sessions and trainings.

Personalized attention, tailored made goals and applications.

Automated and digital tools will help us generate data and information necessary for the assessment on investment, value and prediction of achievement and development (enhancement) of the human capital.


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