The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship

Name: The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship
Applications: Holistic Strategic Management, Risk Management, Assessment, Effectiveness
Know How: Matrix-Q Knowledge, Skills & Tools

Training Alternatives:
F2F [Face to Face]
e-learning (Pre-order, to be released in 2018)

Complementary Services:
MQ9 Coaching: How to apply “The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship” for an effective strategic management and leadership.
BIZNETƟ GAME: DARP (Digital Role Play Game) 26 Questions that will help you enhance your skills on the application of the “The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship”.
PRIME-DO WAR-PEACE-SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Strategy Games: “The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship” skills and their application for war-peace & sustainable development strategy [LARP: Life Action Role Play) Games (F2F)]
MQ9 SKILLS [F2F] training on emotional intelligence and matrix-q thinking applied to “The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship”
MQ9 ALGORITHMS [F2F] Matrix-Q Algorithms design by utilizing “The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship”.

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