Matrix-Q DNA


By utilizing Matrix-Q Assessment Tools we generate a unique signature or “DNA” for individuals, teams and their organizations.

Our assessment of the human capital, serve us for the purpose of quantification of value, regarding the capacity and potential carried by the individuals, their capacity to learn, and their potential.

The Matrix-Q Profile, utilizes unique identification code, a series of cyphers, that represents the actual and potential capacity of the individual and the ideal learning process for its enhancement. This unique identification code is the Matrix-Q ID or DNA.

For the generation of this code the Matrix-Q Score Card, a matrix of Score lines or scoring tables, will be utilized. At the moment up to 729 identification variables are being utilized. Thanks to Matrix-Q Know How we are able to generate and utilize a lot more entries for study, which will be the task of the Matrix-Q A.I. Engine planned to be developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute between 2020-2026.


The Matrix-Q Human Algorithm Project utilize Matrix-Q DNA in order to design the ideal Matrix-Q Human Enhancement program, which will help individuals advance their effectiveness.


It is the first step to generate the Matrix-Q DNA (ID). A series of questions that will help the user learn more about own Matrix-Q Skills, Knowledge capacity and potential. [ Take The Matrix-Q Alpha 200 Test Now, it takes only 5 min]

A Matrix-Q Coach will facilitate an individual personalized session for assessment and description of the test results.