Background Knowledge

For candidates to Matrix-Q Trainer, Coach & Consultant Certificate, a complete study program on Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills, including Matrix-Q Education Method, Coaching Tools and Matrix-Q Holistic Strategic Management Tools.

Candidates to Matrix-Q Researcher & Innovator Certificate will additionally focus on Matrix-Q Research tools and innovation methods.

For more information, schedule and booking please contact us.


Students may join individual private trainings, study circles (group) training combined with online digital learning program, coaching and mentorship units.


After completion of theory and praxis (learning by doing and playing) learning units, before certification (user certificate), students need to complete a number of research units, and application units.

Licenses will be granted to eligible candidates that agree with the terms and conditions.


A. The Module based Program.

  • Each module focus on a set of tools and skills and number of learning units.
  • Provided along weekends or full day trainings.
  • After each module a certificate will be provided.
  • By accumulating modules certificates students become eligible for an evaluation  program of 3-6 months.
  • Payment modality : per module or number of learning units.
  • The learning modules focus on application and commercial use of the Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools and Skills.
  • Personalized coaching and mentorship individual units are provided as well as e-learning

B. The Traditional Program

  • The traditional program provides a personalized training, within a study circle and individual learning process.
  • The learning units are experiential (learning by doing, learning by playing).
  • Students will learn as in ancient greek akademia, persian, egyptian, chinese, vedic, vedic-russian, japanese, arabic, abrahamic, celtic or nordic schools, on nature principles, their representation through thinking tools, and their systemic application.
  • The goal is to first understand how ancient culture and civilizations did learn on nature principles and developed technology or knowledge based on their observation, and did apply it effectively; and how similar learning process and models can be utilized for solving modern global culture and civilization challenges.
  • Special attention will be given to innovation, creativity and technology, social and natural sciences.
  • While the learning focus will be on descriptive geometry, Matrix-Q Mathematics, algorithms, thinking and perception, as foundation for the certification, the learning experience will focus on “knowledge as a path for leadership”.
  • Along the program the application of knowledge and skills will focus on education, history, science, technology, human potential (stages of development), gender, wealth generation, sustainability, culture, civilization advancement, leadership and effectiveness.
  • Researchers, leaders, CxOs that wish to explore in ancient cultures and civilizations nature inspired knowledge and technology may prefer to join this learning program.
  • Personalized coaching and mentorship individual units are provided as well as e-learning


  • Modules are announced every season at our eventbrite calendar.
  • Modules can be requested to be scheduled privately by students or companies.
  • As for purpose of certification (user certificate and license agreement) a minimum set of modules must be completed according to the commercial services the user intents to provide. Please contact us for an interview, list of modules and personalized advise.


  • The traditional program is an ongoing program.
  • Every week there are learning units provided.
  • Students will first join an introduction and assessment program, learn method for self-education and foundation knowledge milestones. Then join the collective study circle.
  • At the collective study circle students with experience and new students learn together.
  • The schedule of the traditional program is hold private and designed by the study circle members and trainer every season.
  • In order to join the traditional program, candidates need to schedule an interview for detailed information, and personalized advise.


For more information on fees and booking procedure please contact us.