Matrix-Q Co-creativity [Gender Skills]

Matrix-Q Co-creativity [Gender Skills]

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Matrix-Q Skills training with focus on Gender Skills & Co-creativity

  • Modality: full day/ full weekend Gamified experiential training [More about Matrix-Q Skills Trainings]
  • Alternative: online BiznetTheta DARP Gamified training program (application of skills for solving challenges)

New learning program has been build with focus on emotional intelligence skills and gives a strong attention to the ability of the individual and community of including gender specific skills, starting by becoming aware of them, and advancing their ability to apply them for specific purposes with effectiveness.

The training has a systemic approach, skills will be applied in combination with Matrix-Q Tools for the advancement of individual performance to team, communication and collaboration, project management, strategic management and leadership.

Complementary Services by MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions: Assessment, change management, coaching,skills gap.

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